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What is on the menu of Herberg De Swaen?

The choice is entirely determined by the quality. The menu is therefore composed of the best, as much as possible organic, products of the day.

That is exciting for you, but also for Atie, because high demands are placed on her creativity (any dietary requirements or vegetarian is not a problem, but please state when booking). We also take your wishes into account if you prefer not to eat certain products.


The products our chefs work with are different every day. So what we serve you is a surprise. Exciting! Also for our cooking artists. This way of working places high demands on their creative ability. Choose:

3 course
€ 40,00
4 course
€ 45,00
5 course
€ 49,50
6 course
€ 52,50


All-in menus from 15 people

All All-in menus include a welcome drink, wine, beer or soft drinks and coffee

3-course menu
€ 52,50
4-course menu
€ 59,50
5-course menu
€ 64,50
6-course menu
€ 77,50
Walking Diner from 15 persons (5 course)
€ 52,50
Walking Diner from 15 persons (6 course)
€ 59,50
Walking Diner from 15 persons (7 course)
€ 65,00


We serve free table water and bread with all our menus. Are you a vegetarian, do you have a dietary requirement or an allergy? Let us know when you make your reservation. Then we can also serve you mouth-watering dishes.

Herberg De Swaen

Herberg de Swaen
Waaldijk 65
4214 LC, Vuren

Alle dagen geopend voor feesten en gezelschappen. Voor diner vanaf 1 persoon open op vrijdag en zaterdag vanaf 18:00.

T. 0183 - 630412